Solar Pumping System

Why waste Money on Fuel Whilst the Sun rises for Free?

Diesel engines have been usedScreen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.21.36
for decades to power pumps that
supply water for livestock,
irrigation and domestic use.
With new solar pumping
technologies coming on to the
Botswana market its is worth
having a closer look because
thousands of Pulas can be saved
since these pumps do not require
fuel and less money is spend on
maintenance. Apart from saving money, there are some other advantages using solar pumps. No fuel has to be transported to the pump, which can be time consuming and cumbersome. Solar pumps run automatically and are easy to install. The pump switches off automatically when the reservoir is full and also switches off when the water in the borehole is reaching a low level. Particularly for low yielding boreholes this is an advantage. The Solar Pump extracts water over a long time period during the day so the low yielding borehole has time to refill. Also, the use of solar energy eliminates noise, emissions and fuel spills, contributing in this way to the conservation of the environment. Particularly when pumping water in game parks these are important points to consider.