We design, supply, install and maintain solar electric systems at most competitive rates.
Please contact us for a full range of products. We are happy to supply you with a quotation for your specific requirements. Remember that there is hardly anything in the world that somebody can’t make a little worse and sell a liitle cheaper. Solar International Botswana believes in quality products. Stock availability is subject to confirmation and prior sale.
 Solar Panels
  • Small Panels SolarWorld  SW 80Wpsw 250 poly
  • bigger Panels: SolarWorld SW250

We also stock tested and approved used panels that are offered with substantial discounts. Contact us for details.

We supply a range of batteries that are designed to be used with solar systems that require little maintenance and have a long service life.

  • Taurus Platinum  102 Ah    Lead Acid   Solar low maintenance
  • Deltec:    102 Ah    Lead Acid   Solar low maintenance102ah-Deltec-Battery1

There are also smaller lead acid and gel batteries available on request.